Astoria Solutions is the leading disruptive technology solutions provider in the following industries currently: Oil & Gas, Marine and Construction. We offer a spectrum of solutions customized for each industry and tailored to each individual client.

We specialize in solutions to aid in managing risks within hazardous workplaces as well as efficient tracking and contractor management.

Oil & Gas (Upstream)

Monitoring personnel offshore and in remote locations is of utmost importance. There is also a strong need to account for each individual accurately, to ensure safety and efficiency. Contractors and vendors need to be accounted for as well, on a regular basis.

Oil & Gas (Downstream)

Confined spaces and mustering are among the top safety concerns within the Oil & Gas Downstream industry. There is also often the need to monitor and account for service providers.


Shipyards and various service providers within the Marine Industry will often face the management of vendors and equipment tracking. Safety is also a priority, together with efficient time management. Supplier and budget management is also an integral part of the process.


In the construction industry, time and resource management is extremely critical to help meet deadlines. Safety at worksites is also a priority. There is a need to monitor contractors and other service providers in the most efficient manner.


Achieve zero incident operations

Comply with legislations, regulations & standards

Improve overall worker safety & sites security

Comply with industry standards

Execute rescue & emergency procedures protocol

Reduce unplanned wastages & costs

Maximize work efficiency

Improve project economies

Mitigate project risks

Optimize delivery schedule, equipment, material & asset tracking

Astoria Solutions is able to identify individual Jobs To Be Done and work with our clients to furnish tailored digital solutions and products to elicit the best outcome, enhancing your safety, productivity and accountability.

Jobs To Be Done will remain constant over time across all industries.

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