Disruptive Innovation, a term of art coined by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors. Not just an expression for technology, it also implies a change in business processes and business model that upsets the status quo.

As companies tend to innovate faster than their customers’ needs evolve, most organizations eventually end up producing products or services that are actually too sophisticated, too expensive, and too complicated for many customers in their market. Companies pursue these “sustaining innovations” at the higher tiers of their markets because this is what has historically helped them succeed: By charging the highest prices to their most demanding and sophisticated customers at the top of the market, companies will achieve the greatest profitability.

However, by doing so, companies unwittingly open the door to “disruptive innovations” at the bottom of the market. An innovation that is disruptive allows a whole new population of consumers at the bottom of a market access to a product or service that was historically only accessible to consumers with a lot of money or a lot of skill.


To be globally recognized as the leader in disruptive innovation that transforms safety, accountability and productivity for our clients in complex and often hazardous industrial environments.


To apply “Disruptive Innovation” concepts to create solutions for our clients operating in complex and often hazardous industrial environments that:

Help enforce compliance of processes to safeguard health and safety

Accelerate time-to-information and factors-of-production accountability

Generate data and analytics for insights and productivity enhancements


People Come First

People are our number one priority, no matter whether they are our own employees or our customers’. This means that at all times, we do our best to ensure the personal safety and wellbeing of everyone involved. For our employees, this means providing them with a safe and pleasant workplace and with working conditions that are in harmony with their private lives. For our dealings with our customers and partners, this means that we treat them fairly and with due respect. And in our solutions, we strive to design them in such a way that they make the lives of our customers’ employees safer and more productive.

Our people are the most important asset of Astoria Solutions and we believe in engaging and developing our prime resource through training and welfare. We seek to develop our people’s skill sets as well as engage them in personal and professional development.

We seek to deliver the most effective and holistic turnkey solutions and service to our clients with honesty and responsibility.

Integrity is of utmost importance across all platforms within and with out of Astoria Solutions. Our dedicated team of engineers and support staff will always seek to provide only the best and most effective solutions to our clients.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We value and encourage creativity. Our collaborative culture allows us to build on ideas and continually improve the work that we do.

Passion for our products and customers drives us further and keeps us reaching higher. We strive for excellence, go the extra mile and have fun in what we do.

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